Terms of use


We are pleased to provide you with an access to our website where you can play fantasy football for money of for free taking part in our leagues and other promotion actions. Please, read these rules carefully since they affect your rights and obligations upon the use of the SportFant website. Everyone, registering on the website, shall get acquainted with these rules and accept them.


Coming to terms with the terms of use, you confirm that you have neither age, nor other restrictions for taking part in the SportFant game and getting prizes for the participation in leagues according to the legislation of your home country.

You are allowed to have only one account on our website. In case the violation of this condition is detected, SportFant reserves the right to restrict your being on the website or forbid you to visit it at all. At that fants, earned by means of this violation, cannot be withdrawn on your bank account or e-wallet.

You are solely liable for the confidentiality of your data like user name and password and incur liability for all actions accomplished with your account on our website. If you have reasons to suspect that somebody uses your account without your permission, please, inform us about it. We are not liable for any losses you will sustain as a result of the illegal use of your data by another person and in case you do not inform us about your suspicions. You are obliged to tell the exact data about you to us and renew your data if necessary.

SportFant employees can take part in leagues on the website with the aim of testing as well as in all other cases not bearing harm or losses to the website or other users.


The leagues which it is possible to take part in are located in the main menu of the website. Everything you need to select a league is to click on the reference «Create team». Every paid league requires the definite number of fants as an entry fee. Before saving your own team, you need to confirm your agreement with these rules and conditions of participation in the league. After this the corresponding sum in fants will be written off from your account.

Any user have the opportunity to create his own league. The total amount of entry fees will be deducted from his balance. All the entry fees paid will be returned to the creator balance. So at the end he'll have all the fants back and we'll also pay him bonus fants for every invitee.

The invitation of any participant to the user-created league is not the responsibility of SportFant.


Fants are the currency of our website. During the testing period every user receives 100 fants on their account after registration and can use these fants for taking part in any number of fantasy leagues. When the SportFant website starts working to the utmost, you will manage to acquire fants for any currency via payment systems integrated with the website. According to the exchange rate of the website, 1 fant is equal to 1 Euro. This figure can vary depending on the used payment system, and SportFant is not liable for this.

The user reserves the right to be in charge of their account within the frameworks of these terms of use. More specifically, the user has a right to refill the balance of the account, transfer fants on their account with due regard to the fees of payment systems integrated with the website. The restrictions on the withdrawal of money are the following: the minimum sum that can be withdrawn should be no less than 20 fants, 250 fants can be withdrawn within a day, 1000 fants can be withdrawn within a month. In special cases, SportFant administration reserves the right to overview these figures.

Users incur liability to pay taxes according to the laws of their home countries.


Entering the league, the user incurs the conditions of participation in it and the terms of use described here. The user is also obliged to respect the organizers and other participants of the game. SportFant administration has a right to deny the user to the participation in the league, payment of prizes or demand the return of the received prize. Possible reasons are pointed out in the list below but not restricted by it. The reasons are:

The user realizes that SportFant’s deny the user to taking part in the League or paying the prize is not an obstruction for further legal prosecution of the violator. The user is obliged not to cause any material, moral or physical harm to SportFant employees or other users.

SportFant is not liable for any provided information in case the information is incorrect, The website also does not bear liability for human mistakes, problems of payment systems, hick-ups and technical errors, computer viruses, inability to provide access to SportFant website and the loss of monetary means from the user account in case the loss is not linked with improper activities of SportFant administration. The attempt to hack the website or any user account shall be punishable by law.

All entry fees are regarded as the property of SportFant and cannot be returned. Except for urgent cases, the distribution of SportFant prize fund is accomplished according to the conditions published beforehand.

SportFant can demand that the winner or medalists of any league take part in the share of the prize fund, as well as that any user changing fants onto real money, support the legality of using SportFant website according to the legislation of their countries.


SportFant is the area earmarked for competitions among people who like sport and know what it is. The results shown by every user in the leagues do not result from plain luck. They demonstrate the user’s mastery and knowledge in particular kinds of sport. The winners of leagues are defined according to objective criteria like goals, assists, minutes which footballers play on the pitch and others. SportFant does not have the power to affect these criteria.

Agreeing with these terms of use, every registered SportFant community member admits that they will not use SportFant for gambling leading to addiction and/or unfounded financial losses.


All statistics used by SportFant is obtained automatically. The statistics does not include hick-ups and possible errors. Besides any «life» statistics used in the process of running the league is not official. The final statistics, according to which the winner and medalists of the league are defined, appears not earlier than 20 minutes after the end of the last match of the league and not later than 12.00 CET of the next day. After this moment, the results of the league are considered to be final. However, SportFant reserves the right to overview the results in case of detecting any violations or statistical inaccuracies. The corresponding user complaints are accepted within three hours from the moment when the results of the league are given out.

We reserve the right to cancel running any league. In this case all entry fees will be returned to users except for cases connected with the users’ violations of the Terms of Use in force.


The user is aware of and admits that, when sharing their personal information and financial assets with the website, they act at their authority. The user agrees with the use of website content «as is» and admits that any mistakes in the software code or website work cannot be the reason for legal or any other prosecution of SportFant and its employees.


The website content inclusive of design elements, texts, software, photos, sound files, music, video, interactive mechanisms, is the legally protected property of SportFant. Any commercial use of this property is forbidden.

SportFant reserves the right to modify these rules, informing the users about amendments with messages on the main page of the website or sent by e-mails.